Wadia Associates

I strongly recommend Drenckhahn Excavating for any project where one needs an excellent excavating contractor.  They are excellent at what they do because of their deep-seeded knowledge about the process.  On top of this, they are punctual, remain on schedule, and stay until the work is completed.  There are no unnecessary “extras.”  Besides Drenckhahn’s excavating skills, I started using them to do the base for my driveways and also do all the grading, rough and finish, for my projects.  I also have them install all my septic systems because they do a much better installation than the so-called typical septic system subcontractors, and also because it’s a snap to manage everything under one subcontractor.  
I have used Drenckhahn Excavating since the late 1970’s on a continuous basis.  Occasionally when things are hectic, I have been forced to use another excavating contractor who performed very well, but I have to say that dealing with Drenckhahn Excavating has been a better experience as the company provides a high level of personal service, and I remain secure in the knowledge that the person on the machine is the one I expect to show up every time.

Dinyar Wadia
New England Designers Hall of Fame 2014
Wadia Associates
New Canaan CT

Ryan Salvatore Design

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for your firm, having worked with the team as both a general contractor, developer, and architect.

There are few subcontractors that put me at ease when I arrive on a jobsite quite like Drenckhahn Excavating. No sub-contractor pushes the job schedule quite like yours, and none do it with the same blended concerns of schedule, quality and safety. Not only is the work of the highest quality, but I know that even details omitted or unconsidered by the design team will undoubtedly be factored by the men on the jobsite. And it is not just attention to design detail, but more importantly an attention to the desired outcome—to the aesthetics of a design, to the functionality of an installation, and to the long-term performance of the project—that effects the feelings of utter confidence and reliability that are the hallmarks of a job done by Drenckhahn Excavating.

It would be my pleasure to discuss with any potential clients the excellent work that your firm has done on my behalf and on behalf of my clients. There is no sub-contractor in any trade that I would—and do—recommend more highly.

Ryan Salvatore, AIA
Ryan Salvatore Design
New York, NY

Dardis Construction Co.

We here at Dardis Construction Co. pride ourselves on the work we do as concrete specialists, providing our customers with the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

2016 marks our 36th year in business. In all of those years in the construction industry I have been involved with hundreds of other contractors. And of all that I have dealt with, Drenckhahn Excavating stands head and shoulders above all.

Whether it is in their ability to understand the job structure, the quality of their performance, their unique capacity to interact with other companies, their utmost dependability and lastly the level of professionalism in all their employees, from the top and down.

These fine gentlemen and lady are always articulate, friendly, and exact in their performances and communication and I always highly recommend them to all of my customers and thoroughly enjoy working with them.

Thanks to Jim, Kim, Bill and Dick and the crew for all the pleasurable years of working together as pros, with many more to come.

Rich Dardis
Dardis Construction Co.
Norwalk CT

BK Construction

I have worked with Drenckhahn Excavating, Inc. and have had the privilege of knowing the Drenckhahn family for almost thirty years.

There are numerous things that a builder and or project manager will consider when choosing a sub contractor: honesty, integrity, knowledge, punctuality, competitiveness, performance and on time delivery.

Drenckhahn Excavating has all of the above and more.

Drenckhahn Excavating staff are knowledgeable, detail oriented and extremely neat at the site.

My colleagues and I are very impressed with their abilities of reading and comprehending drawings and specifications with minimum to no supervision and the job gets done right from excavation to installation of septic system, sewer connection and drainage retentions.

I can go on and on about my positive experiences with Drenckhahn Excavating and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Hossien Kazemi, PE
BK Construction
New Canaan CT